Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Two baby blankets

In 2011, I made my friend's kid a baby blanket. He didn't really stick with it, but his little brother picked it up and loved it. It has become his favorite thing, and he has worn it out. Moreover, he's outgrowing it. So I told the friend I would make another. (I know, I'm a sucker whenever something I have made is the kid's favorite thing!)

It's a pretty quick pattern, from A Year of Baby Afghans, Book 4 by Leisure Arts. The book is themed on months (because it's a YEAR of baby afghans), and the month for this pattern is November. 

I'm surprised how few people have crocheted this afghan on Ravelry! It's really quick and fun.

That said, it was not so quick when you increased the number of stitches. This thing is basically the size of an adult afghan. By the time the kid needs another blanket, he'll be in high school and he can just date a chick that crochets and she'll make him another one, because I'm done now.

But it's cute.

In other news, I also finished the gnome afghan and gave it to my friends this weekend at their baby shower!

I was super happy with how it turned out, and all my coworkers were really impressed as I was weaving in the ends at knitting lunch last week. I was a little nervous that I hadn't randomized the colors enough, but the overall effect still feels random and looks pleasing. 

And my blanket, surprisingly enough, was the only handmade gift at the shower!

Now to work on some short, quick projects to reward myself for finishing these two huge projects, both of which were for other people! I see leg warmers in my future, as well as finishing that wavy sweater...

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