Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pink and gray striped sweater

A few years ago, I treated myself to a five-skein kit of Rome by HPKY. This is a beautiful, soft single ply yarn.

This particular kit was supposed to be for making a striped triangle shawl. But I hate triangle shawls. Since I love the colors, I bought it and assumed I'd figure it out later.

The yardage worked out well to make the Flattering Shaded Tunic, a Lion Brand pattern. I thought I could produce some nice stripes to mimic the variegated pooling in the original pattern, simply by alternating the color skeins knitted up.

I really liked knitting this sweater. The colors were fun and interesting, and the yarn is super soft. Some people don't care for single ply yarns, but I think they're my favorites.

Sometimes it was slow going, as the pattern was almost all flat stockinette stitch except for some shaping, and some ribbing on the edges. It took me a few months to knit the body of the sweater, but I was pleased with the look of the random stripes:

And then, once I had finished it, there were so many loose ends that I let it sit folded on my coffee table for an embarrassingly long period of time. Sigh.

I also made one change to the pattern - I switched from knitting to purling when doing the turtleneck section so that the stitches still looked like knit stitches when you flipped it inside out. 

Wore it to work today paired with a soft gray blazer. 

Pretty much have to wear a blazer with it because it's bare-armed. But that's fine. I hate sleeves anyway!

I'm not going to count this as my "sweater that actually fits" under my 40 before 40 list because I had already substantially finished it over the summer. 

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