Friday, July 23, 2010

Race Judicata 2010

Well, I finished the Race Judicata, and in a better time (41 min.) than two years ago (48 min.)! I ran pretty slowly and only was able to jog about 4/5 of the race because of the heat. I wish I was under 40 min., but what are you gonna do. In 2008, I was #2166, and this year I was #2098! Hooray! Dave was #450, so good for him!

Doesn't this look like the "more bars in more places" commercial? Sigh.

On our way back to the train station, we got to see "The Eye," a new sculpture downtown. I hadn't seen it yet, and it is...hmm. Startling?

Yeah, it's a big eye. I like the bean better. Anyhow, we got some Mexican food and called it a night. I really did not enjoy doing this 5K in the heat, especially after a day of work, so I might have to limit myself to 5Ks in the outskirts of summer, and preferably in the morning. I know I could run the whole thing, but I just couldn't last night - I felt like my head was going to explode. I guess some people passed out, so I knew it was a rough night for everyone.

Still, I will keep running as part of my workout routine, which I now need to revise because the race is over. Next up for me is probably the Halloween Hustle in Palatine, but maybe I could squeeze another 5K in during September. Fun, fun!

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