Thursday, August 14, 2008

Race Judicata 2008!

Well, I ran/walked three miles tonight, all for a good cause on behalf of my firm! Granted, I only ran about 2 of the 5K, but it still felt good, and I wasn't last, either!

Out of some 3,700 legal professionals racing, I bet I was under 3,000, maybe even under 2,500! Not all the scores and times are up yet, but I do know that I finished the 5K somewhere between 40 and 48 minutes, which isn't too shabby! (Congrats to MacKenzie, who finished first in our team!)

I'm a little sore, and I just finished grading my share of the write-on submissions, so I'm going to eat dinner (yes, at 10:42) and go to bed. Mmm.

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