Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dave gets booked

As most people reading this blog are aware, Dave recently got a new job with the Department of Education. He is a field investigator, which means he goes around to college campuses and makes sure they're following federal financial aid regulations. Maybe not my idea of a good time, but according to Dave, it's been his dream job for some time. So congratulations to Dave!

So, for this job, he already got a criminal background check, but they are also doing a security clearance check on him, as well. This means we had to go down to the Palatine Police Station tonight and get him fingerprinted.

It was pretty funny to chat with the animal control officer who fingerprinted Dave in the back of the station, especially when an adorably curious German shepherd police dog ran after a wayward ball. ("It's vicious, I tell you, vicious!") The whole experience was surreal.

It's not every day that a wife is glad her husband got booked by the police!

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