Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dave's master's graduation

Dave graduated from his M.S.Ed. program today, so he got to do his favorite thing ever: stand around in a garish outfit while everyone stares and takes pictures!

Seriously though, he was really happy to celebrate being done, and we were really proud to see him graduate with his master's degree. I've seen the work he's put in, and he's done so well.

As you can see the robes were pretty vivid - this is the self-dubbed "Grimace Club." (According to Wikipedia, "Grimace is an anthropomorphic purple being." I enjoy this description immensely.)

To top it all off, Dave was selected to give the closing speech at his graduation ceremony. He delivered a speech on the Socratic aspect of his master's program, which was to get students to question existing practices and innovate fresh ones.

His speech was a hit: it made you think, and it even got a few laughs.

Oh, and I wore a dress to match Dave's Grimace robes.
Deb got it for me in Myrtle Beach, and it's a cute purple polka dot number that felt right for the occasion.

Congratulations, Dave! I'm so proud of your great master's work, and I'm looking forward to the free time we'll have after you're officially done with class this week. (Yes, he graduated before his class was done, a fact that Northwestern reminded him of in the ceremony pamphlet with the phrase, "Presence at graduation is presumptive, though not conclusive, proof of graduation.")

But my robes were still more ridiculous than yours.

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Meesh said...

We're all so proud of Dave on his big day!! And that's so cool that he spoke during the ceremony!

P.S. that purple dress is really pretty and I love the shoes ;)