Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sailor baby jacket

Over the week after the bar, I really got back into crocheting and knitting. First on the list was a project I've been meaning to make since I bought my baby clothes book: the sailor baby jacket for my friend Gerrit's baby, Micah.

Micah is a year old this summer, and since I've made baby blankets for everyone so far this year that's having babies, I figured it was time to outfit some of the older kids.

I'm really happy with how it turned out:

I made it for the 18-month size, since he'll be about 18 months by the time he can start wearing it (i.e., December, when it's cold in Florida). When I was working on it at the beach, everyone was ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

The whole thing is crocheted, except the anchor, which is embroidered on by yours truly.

I still need to add buttons before I can send it, but I'm super excited. It even has a little sailor hood:

All in all, a really fun project. I've got another one planned for my friend Stacy's kid, and I'm working on the epic scarf I mentioned in the last post. I will probably be making that damn thing until the winter!


Sara Sherman said...

Very cute sweater/jacket. The anchor really is the finishing touch. You are too talented Valerie! Mom

Georgia Beckman said...

I tore this pattern out of a better homes & gardens magazine years ago & I'm just now making it for one of my grandsons. I think maybe I missed a page? There are no instructions for setting the sleeves in? Does your pattern have that or did the designer just leave it for us to figure out?

Valerie said...

Hi Georgia - I will have to check when I get home, but I think I just whip stitched them in.