Sunday, May 17, 2009

DePaul graduation

Today was law school graduation at the Civic Opera House, so it is official: law school is done. (I will have that in writing very soon.)

I got to have tons of pictures taken of me in my crazy blue-and-red get-up, as well as my octagonal velvet hat. Family and friends came from miles around, donned me in flowers, and wished me the best as I prepared to walk across the stage and
become a law school graduate.

Dave's parents were here, as well as my parents, my sister, Grandma Smith, Aunt Jan, Aunt Gail, and my cousin Jill. Also in attendance were my college friends Julie and Joker, as well as Jenny Faron, whom I have known since high school. Dave's friend Larry and his girlfriend came in from out of town also. And I can't forget Bill, Sarah and Jim Shin - it was good to see my old power row buddy back again.

So I had a big cheering section!

Of course, the ceremony was a lot of speeches and waiting around, but of most personal significance to me was being "hooded" by one of my favorite law school professors, Bruce Ottley (at left), who taught me for civil procedure and remedies.

Another great moment was my good law school friend Tiffany sang the national anthem opera-style. I figured that I would cry, and I certainly did. (Only for that part, though!)

I kept thinking about what they told us on the first day of orientation - that that was the last time we'd all be together as a group until graduation. That seemed so far away, but here I am. I made it out of law school alive, with my sanity and my marriage intact.

It's really beginning to feel over - even if I have not yet passed the bar, I am Valerie Sherman, J.D. Weird.


AJ said...

Congrats! You're done! No more classes! Oh, wait. Stupid bar.

Amanda said...

You get to wear the funny hat! Congrats!