Friday, August 07, 2009

Mussers at Myrtle Beach

Three days after the bar exam, Dave and I flew out to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to spend time oceanside with his family. I had never been to Myrtle Beach before, though I knew Dave had spent some "quality time" there during senior week in high school.

It was a quiet week, and I definitely spent most o
f my time eating, drinking, crocheting, and reading. (It was my post-bar trip - I didn't want to do anything much more strenuous than drunk crocheting.)

However, we did get out to some fun excursions. I went shopping with Deb at an outlet mall, and I also managed to find an awesome yarn boutique near our beach house. I got awesome yarn and a pattern for this scarf, which I'm currently knitting in my vast amount of free time.

We also visited a dinosaur-themed mini golf course, where we had some good fun. I would say that we went for the kids, but it was really for our own hilarity.

We went on the "Raptor Course," although there was also the "T-Rex Course." I obviously lost, but I had fun anyway. Here are some more pictures from that course:

Unfortunately, the vacation was not as relaxing for Dave as it was for me. All my work was behind me, whereas Dave had his last class assignment to work on, as well as his graduation to prepare for.

So we came back to Chicago today and are preparing for Dave's graduation tomorrow. His parents flew in to see the show - he's delivering the closing speech!

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