Sunday, July 16, 2017

Uplands, Wisconsin: Day 3

On our last day in Wisconsin, we made my three favorite stops: yarn, beer, and cheese!

First stop after another glorious breakfast at the Cameo Rose (consisting of muffins, stuffed French toast, and a caramel pudding) was the Sow's Ear yarn store and coffee shop. I love the combination there! You feel like you can sit and knit for hours without guilt. You can also buy more yarn if you need it! It's one-stop shopping!

They had some very beautiful stuff. I picked out some fun yarn-related earrings, as well as a gradient sock kit and a gradient glove kit. Very excited to make these.

If only a yarn / coffee shop would open up in Chicagoland! Or yarn / brewery...

Next stop was the New Glarus Brewery, which we have visited many times before. 

They're expanding the self-guided tour, which is neat, and apparently there is a new mural of Dan Carey cleaning the tanks:

At any rate, we had already had all the beers they were pouring in the tasting area, so we just bought some items in the beer depot and headed down to New Glarus the town for lunch at the Glarner Stube. Their cheese curds are the best, their fish sandwich is the best, their New Glarus beer selection is the's just the best. If I can't move to Switzerland, maybe this is the next best thing.

I hope my readers enjoyed my tour of Wisconsin. We visit often, but every few years we like to do a more extended, multi-day trip like this. I can definitely see retiring to Wisconsin, or even looking at jobs in the Madison area one day. It seems like my cup of beer.

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