Saturday, July 15, 2017

Uplands, Wisconsin: Day 2

Day 2 of our Wisconsin trip is really the only full day - we drove all over the area all day for beer, art, wine, and yarn!

In the morning, we took a walk around the property, which we enjoy doing because it's woodsy and fun, but I didn't count on the dew, so my shoes got totally soaked! Oh well. I also took some time in the morning to work on my Sophie's Universe afghan before breakfast. I haven't posted a photo of this guy for a while! Almost done!

Breakfast is a big affair at the Cameo Rose B&B. We enjoyed a warm scone, fresh-squeezed juice, eggs benedict, and a scoop of sherbet with a splash of champagne. Dawn treats us right!

After breakfast, some of our B&B guests were going for a bike ride, which would be fun to do again, but this time we just drove to Monroe. We stopped first at the Orange Kitten yarn store, which had a good variety of yarn, especially some local fibers.

I ended up picking up a gorgeous little ball of Angora bunny yarn (the little gray one at right), which I don't see a lot of these days. I'll make something little with them. I also bought a hank of gorgeous bulky sheep's wool, in a cream color.

Next up was the Minhas Brewery, which has a tasting room AND a museum of beer kitsch and advertisements.

The beer here is OK; Minhas goes on the lighter, sweeter side, and some of it seems to be somewhat gimmicky. Still, I think the masses in Wisconsin (and probably elsewhere) prefer lighter beers, so they are probably well positioned.

Next up was a glorious reuben sandwich, cheese, and beer at Baumgartner's, a "cheese store and tavern" in the Monroe downtown area. 

Last time I was there, I was daring and got the Limburger & onion sandwich, which ended up being a terrible idea. (A few bites are fine and funky, but the further you go, the more it tastes like feet and you never want to eat again.)

Right after lunch, we headed to the Candinas chocolate boutique in Verona.

It's a beautiful little shop with some of the best chocolates we've ever had. We rushed it back to the air conditioning of the B&B and headed north for the afternoon.

Our first stop was Botham Vineyards, where we enjoyed the sunny weather and got a flight of wine.

Not sure I really look like I'm enjoying myself here, but it was more trying to get a good shot of the fields!

We got to try everything on the tasting menu, but unfortunately Botham specializes in sweet wines, which I really don't care for at all. But if you like sweet stuff and feel like spending the afternoon sipping on a beautiful sunny porch, this place is for you!

After Botham, we headed to Mt. Horeb to get some beer and check out the art festival we heard was happening that day. I don't have any pictures, but the art festival was great! We saw a lot of handmade objects, I bought some cards from a photographer, and we got to taste "mustard chocolate" at Sjรถlinds Chocolate House.

At Grumpy Troll Brew Pub, we had:

  • Ol' Eagle Summer Porter
  • Hoppa Loppa American IPA
  • Liberty Pole Pale Ale
  • Hopsburger (pilsner) - underrated on Untappd!

We got some cheese curds, and maybe it's not fair to compare them, but they're just not as good as Glarner Stube or even the Brat Stop in Kenosha.

After that full day, we pretty much went back to the B&B and rested for the evening. Read books, ate leftover pizza, drank red wine, went for a walk. It was everything a quiet evening in Wisconsin should be!

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