Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cuff craze + bonus scrap pattern

I've been in a cuff craze lately, mostly because I'm trying to organize my yarn and doing a little stashbusting. These cuffs are perfect for that!

To head things off, I'll post the only project here that ISN'T a cuff, exactly - some Madeline Tosh merino light gloves I finished earlier this year but haven't posted yet.

I'm very happy with how they turned out! If anything, I kind of wish I had made them a little longer. Oh well.

On a trip recently, I picked up some Angora bunny yarn that was local to the area in Wisconsin. It was expensive for only 50 yards, so I only bought one ball and decided to do a cuff pattern that I had seen in one of my "knit a day" calendars.

I didn't have quite enough yarn, so I supplemented with a bit of Patons Wool that complemented the soft gray. (And these are so soft!!) I love the detail on the cables.

In the corner of that photo, you can see me starting my next cuffs, which use up some Bunny Badger handspun yarn I got at Yarn Con 2017:

I made a beautiful chunky cowl, but I had a little left over. And you know I cannot let it go to waste. I don't think I cast on as many stitches as the pattern suggests.

And with that, I found a last little bit of some Madeline Tosh ASAP - a chunky yarn that I made a lovely cowl with a few years ago. I decided to do one last cuff, and share the pattern with you all!

Stashbuster Cuff

Yarn: Chunky / bulky, 25-50 yards (I used Madeline Tosh ASAP)

Needles: 10 dpns

CO 21 sts

Rnd 1: K2 P1 around
Rnd 2: repeat rnd 1
Rnds 3-??: K around

Keep going until you are almost out of yarn, then:

Last two rnds: repeat rnd 1

Bind off loosely in pattern and weave in ends.

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