Friday, July 14, 2017

Uplands, Wisconsin: Day 1

Dave and I again visited the Uplands area of Wisconsin, so I'll be posting about that for a few days! Yarn, food, booze, the works. (Although I don't think I got any cow photos this time...)

We stayed again at the Cameo Rose Victorian Country Inn, our favorite B&B in the area (or maybe anywhere, for that matter). We drove up in the afternoon and decided to get dinner at the Sugar River Pizza Company in Verona, which was recommended by our hostess at the B&B. The pizza was fantastic; I wish I had been hungrier to eat more.

Right next door was the Fisher King Winery tasting room, so we decided to just walk over and get a flight.

I had:

  • Heat Wave (dry chardonnay)
  • Amber Dreams (semi-dry blush)
  • Troll Town Red (Marechal Foch red)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (dry red)
  • Perfection (port)

The chardonnay wasn't as buttery as I usually like it, and the reds were kind of tart or sweet without much depth. I haven't had too many Wisconsin wines, but generally these aren't really my bag.

Down the street, the Wisconsin Brewing Company has a fun brewery location with Friday night music and games outside.

We felt very Wisconsin as we pulled up among all the lawn chair and bags people.

Inside the brewery building, there is a gift shop and bar where I was able to snap this fun shot with a badger friend. (I don't think that anyone in Illinois quite gets into college football like Wisconsinites get into it! There are no purple cats in Northwestern bars, for instance...)

We got a small flight - on a Wisconsin-shaped board, of course:

  • Sunset Bruise (IPA)
  • Yankee Buzzard (American IPA)
  • Depends (IIPA)
  • Diapers (IIPA)

They were all pretty good, but we were kind of disappointed by the Diapers - Depends duo. Despite being thick and citrusy, they were a bit overly boozy or bitter.

When we were leaving, there were tons of fairly drunk-looking people getting into their cars. I texted a Wisconsin friend that if I die, it's because a drunk driver ran over me in the parking lot of Wisconsin Brewing Co. Still, it was fun enjoying a beer with the locals; I guess this is what a Friday night would be like if we retire to Wisconsin!

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