Friday, July 29, 2016

Taking a break

This month, I got really frustrated with this gray lace sweater I'm working on, which I had to frog for the SECOND TIME, so I decided to pick up a really simple project - a Sophie's Toes sock yarn kit I bought from Yarn Con 2016.

The yarn cake is more than 10 sock yarns tied end to end, producing a pleasing stripe pattern in a theme of color. I am using a pattern for a cowl that is 90% knit in the round for stockinette - just the easy, mindless pattern I needed right now.

I got to work on this project at the Allstate Arena the other day, where my jail knitting charity got free tickets to a Chicago Sky game. I had a lot of fun watching the game, and my charity's leader, Jo Anne Smith, won an award for her volunteer leadership. Go Committed Knitters!!

P.S. I was hoping to get on the jumbotron with my knitting, but no dice. Maybe next time.

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