Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tri time!

I finished my first triathlon today! I want to record my splits for posterity.

Time overall: 2:07:54


115 out of 140 women; 327 out of 374 people overall

This is not what I'm used to in a 5k - where I end up dead in the middle - but these were some pretty darn fit people, so I'll go easy on myself.


Swim time (700 m): 16:36 (pace: 2:05 per mile)
Transition 1: 5:13
Bike time (14 mi.): 56:16 (pace: 14.9 mph)
Transition 2: 1:30
Run time (4.5 mi.): 48:20 (pace: 10:45 per mile) 

Obviously I could shave some time off of my transitions - for example, the fastest finishers did their first transition (from swim to bike) in about a minute. I took five; I know I can do better. But the other thing is that I am just slow on my bike. I'm slow on all of them, but the bike has the most potential to improve.

To practice, and to next year!

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