Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August projects

August has been a busy month for knitting and crochet! I had the wonderful Stitches Midwest convention in early August, where I bought some lovely yarns from KnitCircus and Primrose yarns.

Then I got sick for a week, and I didn't hardly knit at all. I just didn't feel like it! It was so weird.

However, I did get some projects done, and I started some fun new ones. The one at right is the finished product of the skein shown here. It was a kit of sock yarns I bought at YarnCon in April. I am really happy with it and may use the same pattern for another set of fingering / sock weight yarn I need to use up.

I also moved cubicles at work, and I made a Sophie mandala out of all purple scrap yarns to decorate the new wall. 

I think it turned out pretty cool! Very Northwestern!

I also made a violet for a coworker, which was a commission for her mother in law. Look at this happy little guy! 

I was actually really proud of myself because I did the French knots myself. For the last violet I made, someone else had to do the French knots. Kind of embarrassing for a lifetime knitter / crocheter.

Next month I'm going to be hiking the Peruvian Andes for two weeks, and I need to bring a project. I intend to bring it with me on the hike to Machu Picchu, so it has to be fairly small and something I can do without worrying about the pattern getting wet in my bag. TBD, look forward to fun pictures next time. 

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