Friday, March 04, 2016

March is the cruelest month

Big news...I got my first blocking squares!!

I have avoided buying them for years because I didn't think I needed them - and the cost of yarn craft branded blocking squares is so high. However, I'm getting to the point with the Sophie blanket that I really need to block her. AND, I realized that you can buy exercise mats or kids' play mats online for a much cheaper price point than "official" blocking squares. (Do producers just try to hose knitters? Ugh.)

I found a cheap set of kids' foam mats and used the Clover pins recommended by the Sophie author. I sort of felt like I was torturing Sophie when I blocked her. But it did help.

I am also almost done with a beautiful Starshower cowl in MadelineTosh merino light. It's such a beautiful vivid pink color! (I don't know why I have avoided pinks for so long.)  

Also, this is kind of an awkward picture, but I made these little wrist warmers with Space Invaders on them. 

They're for a friend who has kidney cancer and is calling his tumor a "Space Invader." He's an avid biker and trail runner, so I thought he could actually use these. 

It's pretty cold still in Chicago, so I've been spending a lot of time indoors knitting and crocheting. I've got a summer lacy sweater I'm getting set up to knit, and I also bought materials to make a big glorious charcoal poncho (which will hopefully be finished by the fall, when it gets cold again). 

Much as I love my crochet and knit items, it will be nice not to need them in order to leave the house. (Although I really shouldn't complain about this winter, because it has really not been that bad overall.)

One final note: I joined Instagram! My account is public and is pretty much just for all the crochet and knitting closeups that I'd love to post incessantly to Facebook but don't want to bore / annoy people. I have enjoyed seeing what other yarn crafters are making, as well! So feel free to follow me. 

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