Sunday, March 13, 2016

Baby projects in March

As it happens, I have a few baby-related events in March. And I think everyone knows that if you invite me to a baby event, I'm probably going to bring something crocheted for baby.

First up is a christening for my cousin's baby this weekend. She is finally having a girl and is very excited about it! I know she has already gotten a ton of gifts for both her kids, but I also know she likes taking pictures of the baby. So I made a cute headband with a big flower.

I couldn't find a good, simple headband pattern, so I did a 4 sc wide band in back loop single crochet for about 18 inches. This produces a nice, stretchy band. The flower is from 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stanfield.

Another baby-related event coming up this week is a shower for a coworker's first baby. She had a turtle (the same turtle I made the cozy for last summer), so I thought it would be fun if I crocheted a stuffed turtle for her kid to play with. 

It's a nice unisex toy that turned out very cute. I used this pattern, but with plastic safety eyes instead of crocheted eyes. I made the shell, but sewed it to the body rather than doing the removable shell vest. 

Also, I'm sure this is mean to post about publicly, but can I just say that there are some really, truly horrifying turtle patterns on Ravelry? Some of these things really boggle the mind. I'm not going to point to any offender particularly, but I highly recommend searching for "turtle" in Ravelry and then scrolling through a few pages. Yikes.

Hopefully all of these baby gifts will go over very well; after all, each stitch is a stitch spent away from Sophie (and, of course, other patterns I'm making for myself). 

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