Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5Ks complete!

One of my 2015 resolutions was to complete a 5k. I have now completed two!

The first was April 4, the April Fools 5k in Bloomingdale. I finished in 34 minutes 11 seconds!

The second was April 11, the Be the Match 5k in Chicago. It supports boosting registrations on the bone and stem cell donor registry, which is very important to me and my family after my dad's stem cell transplant in 2006. If you are reading this and you are not registered you should do so, especially if you are a minority! Minorities, especially Asians, are really underrepresented in the donor pool, and a recipient has the best chance of a match with people of the same race / ethnicity.

Well, getting off of my soap box now, I am happy to say that I beat my time from the previous weekend - at the Be the Match 5k, I earned a time of 33 minutes 17 seconds! That's almost a full minute faster. Yay for me.

I am really getting to like running. I used to think that people who said that were liars, but I really look forward to it now. I think my goal is to improve my 5k time over the course of 2015, then maybe start running longer distances in 2016.

At any rate, that's two resolutions down! Updates on baking more bread and brushing up on my German are more long-term, but I can say that I have been working on those, as well.

Can I add "organizing my yarn stash / project queue" as a mid-year goal? I really need to do that...

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