Sunday, April 06, 2014

A happy day full of yarn and love

Yesterday was highly anticipated by me for at least two reasons:  (1) Yarn Con 2014 and (2) the wedding of my high school friend Rob to his lovely partner, Christina.  And it turns out that I had another reason for anticipating this day: (3) awesome birthday lunch with my mom, sister, and husband.

Yarn Con is a glorious festival of yarn, roving, and finished objects for sale.  Last year I bought some really pretty green and yellow yarn.  This year, I was so impressed with all of the beautiful roving (i.e., proto-yarn, at left), but I am not interested in adding yarn-spinning to my list of hobbies, so I relegated myself to admiring from a distance.  And touching it, of course.  It is all so very soft.

This year there were some really cute objects made with felted wool, including kits to make flowers, as well as tiny pictures made out of roving and felt, which were added to pendants and tins.  I bought a pendant with a tiny felt picture of a mushroom on it.

My friend joined me for the show, and she's new to knitting and crocheting, so she didn't buy anything - it was more like looking on in fascination with a dash of fear mixed in.  But there were plenty of looks to be had!

After the convention, Dave and I headed to the southwest suburbs to meet my mom and sister at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, L.A. Cafe.  The location near my parents' house burned down a couple of years ago, but the one in Mokena is still standing, and serving delicious platters of food, I might add.  We had a lot of laughs over recent events, and it was really fun to catch up.

Then, the last stop of the day - Rob and Christina's wedding!  It was a lovely evening celebrating the partnership of two equally lovely people.  They are both so kind, sweet, and appreciative of each other, everyone felt the joy in the room.

With all this eating and happiness, I totally went over on calories yesterday - I guess that's what platters of Mexican food, fried ice cream, family-style wedding buffet, and wedding cake will do to you.  I almost passed up the cake, too, which would have been a shame because it was quite delicious.

Dave and I just came from working out, so hopefully today will be a little more reasonable.  We're meeting up with more friends, where he will get to meet babies he hasn't met before, and we're also catching the Game of Thrones premiere tonight at someone else's house - someone who has HBO!  The weather is also beautiful, so hopefully we can take a walk.  

It's almost feeling like spring.

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