Monday, April 08, 2013

YarnCon 2013

Despite my love of the fiber arts, I have not ever attended a yarn convention. Until yesterday.

YarnCon is an annual convention of people who hand dye yarns, people who make finished objects from beautiful yarns, and people who want to take classes to spin, crochet, or knit.

I was drooling over a lot of yarns, although they were very expensive.  I did end up buying these two beauties:

And Dave was (sort of) glad he got to come with because the event was in a plumbers' union hall, which contains amazing artwork like this:

I posted it to Facebook with a caption that it looks like a plumber version of Dr. Manhattan terrorizing the Buckingham Fountain.  When Dave read that caption, I heard him laughing at the top of his lungs.  It's good to know I can still make him laugh like that.

To next year's YarnCon, and also looking forward to other conventions like Stitches Midwest!

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