Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Springing into my birthday

Today, my friend shared her beautiful, professional-style photos from the bunny's shoot this weekend:

How cute are they!  Also - he is so big!  It looks like she could ride him!

I am hoping there are some issues with perspective in this one, or else he is starting to resemble a horse...
Also, Google gave me a doodle for my birthday, which is pretty fun!  And no calories!

Inline image 1

I also bought myself a huge pile of tea from Harney and Sons, my favorite.  I got a green tea sample set, Egyptian chamomile, lemon verbena, and loose rooibos!  

Dave says there will be a present waiting for me at the house when I get home, not sure what that will be.

And my boss bought me flowers, which was very nice of her!  They are very springy and fun.

Tonight I'm meeting some friends at the Peckish Pig in Evanston, which is a new restaurant / brewery.  They have many delicious-looking meats and a nice alcohol list.  I'm watching calories, but I will allow myself a little wiggle room today!

Here's to 32!


robynlicious said...

happy birthday!

i live in evanston and if you're into meeting a follower, i'd love to have lunch some time. not sure where i picked up your blog, but i know it was crochet, since crochet is my thing. maybe you did something geeky? you can vet me. i'd email this but didn't see a contact email in your profile...

Valerie said...

Hi there! Yes, I am a geeky crocheter, and I would surely meet up for lunch! I don't list my e-mail on the blog because I don't want a bunch of spam from bots. I will send you an e-mail.