Friday, January 17, 2014

A friend's new baby

One of my oldest friends had her first baby in December.  I have been over a couple of times to see them, and I just had to post a photo because he is so teeny and cute.

I don't even want to post this photo to Facebook because people will just comment that I should have one.  And isn't that sad?  I just want to be happy about my friend's baby, and happy to be invited over to spend time with their family, and happy to be in a picture with this little guy.  Why do people need to comment on something I don't have, when my life is full to the brim and I am happy without a baby of my own?

In other news, I was asked to crochet a hat and sweater-vest combo for a friend's baby's christening.  I am seriously so excited and honored!  AND, speaking of crochet, I know I am way behind on posting new crochet and knitting photos.  I have done tons of cowls and even finished a sweater recently.  I need to catch up.

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