Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter is Coming

I meant to post this pattern months ago - when I first finished it, and when winter truly was coming.  Now it has settled in for months on end, and I have sometimes surprised that I haven't seen any white walkers around Chicagoland.

With that in mind, I designed this intarsia-style scarf and chart, "Winter is Coming," obviously an homage to the Northern saying in Game of Thrones.

Here is the chart, although it is really tiny.  If you want a copy, message me on Ravelry (TheScribe) and I will e-mail you the original. 

NOTE #1:  You can work the scarf in knitting or crochet - one square is equal to one knit stitch or one single crochet stitch.  I wove in ends on the back side.

NOTE #2:  I worked the scarf without the border, then added the border in dark gray yarn after I finished with the white intarsia text portion.  You could do the border as you go, but it would create more of a tangled hassle for you (since you'd have to carry two strands of dark gray yarn on both sides for the entire length of the scarf).

I hope you enjoy making it!

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