Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

There is a voicemail message on my phone from my dad that says, "Happy New Year, Valerie.  Sorry I didn't get to see you guys off.  I'll see you later, bye."  

He left it on my phone on New Year's 2011-2012, and I don't know why I saved it.  I didn't know he would pass away five months later, but I think that my family had a bad feeling about his chances for surviving his third bout with leukemia.  So I saved it, just in case, and now I get to hear my dad's voice every time I check voicemail.

Last night, when I was checking a message from my husband, I realized that in a moment, I would yet again hear my dad's voice, wishing me a happy new year.  It was spooky, but nice.

He could not have known that 2012 and 2013 were pretty much shit sandwiches for me, and for my mom and sister also.  I hope this year is different, and starts an upward trend for me.

Fingers crossed.

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