Wednesday, October 02, 2013


My coworkers have been commissioning me to make crocheted items, and I've been letting them because I need the money right now to pay for visits to see the husband in D.C. while he is there.  Here is my latest project:

That's a Hanukah menorah, complete with removable candles so you can "light" one each night!  I think this is going on Etsy...

The center is a paper towel tube, slit and tightened a bit to fit into the gap.  The original pattern called for dark blue yarn, but my coworker wanted more of a pale Tiffany blue.  I had a lot of trouble finding Tiffany blue yarn, but this was sort of close.

She is really happy with it and keeps coming over to tell me how much she likes playing with it.  Score!

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