Sunday, December 09, 2012

Downtown Christmas lights

OK, so maybe I do miss working downtown sometimes...

I was downtown for a work conference today (and will be again for the next two days) and I got to walk along the river from the Sheraton Hotel (Water and Congress) to my car, which was parked (for free!) near Lake and Halsted.

I thought the light show at the Marina Towers (left) and the Merchandise Mart (above) were the best.

I do miss the beautiful Christmas displays in the stores, as well as the lights in the trees.  But on Friday we got to drive through many trees decorated psychedelically in Rosemont, so I guess that's all the light show I could want.

In other news, the conference I'm attending is really informative and interesting.  I've been really pleased with the amount of personal and professional development that is available to me at Northwestern.  I could not be happier with where I have ended up!

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