Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Red cowl

Today Dave woke me up early on his way out.  Very early.  Apparently some people are "salaried" and have extra work but don't get paid overtime.  So I decided just to get up and crochet.  At 5:45 a.m.

The good thing is that I finished a project I'd promised to his aunt, a present for her daughter.  She requested a red infinity scarf, and I obliged.

I went with my crochet group ladies to Loopy Yarns this weekend and picked up something really cute in the chunky section, a mostly-wool, nearly roving strawberry colored yarn.

The pattern I used is here; I'm not sure I made it right or whether it's supposed to be back post double crochet rather than back loop double crochet.  I'm planning on making another one of these for myself, in purple, so I guess I could try it in the back posts and see what happens!


robynlicious said...

Looks like it should really be single crochet back loop only. I looked at the pattern and she said it is written in UK terms. I'm sure yours is equally warm and lovely, but that's why it looks different than hers does.

Valerie said...

Whoops! I didn't realize that. It's still cute though! :o) I'm going to make another one in purple for myself, so I'm looking forward to doing it correctly this time.