Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Christmas tree!

On my 30 before 30 list is to purchase a Christmas tree, and I figured I'm running out of time if I want to actually put it up this year. I know someone who was selling a small one, which is all I need, and I bought it from her today for a mere $15!

I hope everyone appreciates how utterly crazy this tree is. Yes, there's an owl and several peacocks, as well as Harry Potter, Dumbo, Cinderella, and the Care Bears. Awesome. Next year I want to get some matching garland for it.

So I've decorated for Christmas, and tonight I want to address the bulk of my Christmas cards. We've been busy all week, so I get the impression that the bunny has been happy to hang out with us tonight. However, I think he might be getting a little fat:

Jesus, look at this loaf of bread.

Also in good news, my iPod still works. I didn't post about this, but I washed the stupid thing in the laundry, and this is after Dave washing his (and killing it) a few years ago. I did the trick of putting it in rice for a few days, and it worked. It's charging as I type. Oh, second-generation iPod Shuffle, how I love you!

And I'll need it, because I'm scratching something else off of my 30 before 30 list next week: running a full 5k! You might think I'm crazy to do it in winter, but actually, running in the cold is much easier for me. I think I've discovered that I have a tendency to overheat, and the cold air helps. Whereas Dave keeps his hat and glove on for the whole run, I always take mine off about halfway. (Then I stuff them in my hoodie pocket and look fatter than I already am, but that's beside the point.)

Anyway I've been training, and I ran two miles today. Not very fast, mind you, but I did two miles without stopping. And next week with the iPod, I will win the day!

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