Saturday, October 08, 2011

Anniversary dinner #2

On our actual anniversary, we went on a second anniversary dinner at Vie, which serves contemporary American cuisine and was one of the only Chicago suburban restaurants to receive a Michelin star last year. Some of my old judges live in Western Springs and recommended it to me.

I went in knowing nothing about it - not even a look at the menu online, as I am wont to do. Here's what we had:

Cheese plate
  • Acorn squash & kale pierogi with beans & mushrooms (me)
  • Two pork combination with parmesan spaetzle & green beans (Dave)
  • Cinnamon ice cream with chocolate nib shortbread cookie
  • Apple & rhubarb tart
  • Concord grape sorbet (complimentary)
  • Limoncello (complimentary for our anniversary)
  • Blackberry streusel (complimentary)
I loved my pierogi. The concord grape sorbet was so interesting, but the limoncello was a little strong for me. Dave loved his pork, and the piece I tried was so wonderfully meaty and smoky. Thumbs up on Vie!

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