Friday, October 07, 2011

Anniversary dinner #1

This weekend is our sixth wedding anniversary (and eighth anniversary of being together) so we are celebrating with some fantastic meals.

First up tonight was Girl and the Goat, one of the hottest reservations in town. I was worried it wouldn't live up to the hype, which has been fervent, but it was truly a very great meal.

I'm going to list out what we ordered - not to brag, but really for future reference. (I really do look up these things later, for various reasons).

  • Chickpea fritters with eggplant caponata and egg
  • Scallops with pumpkin puree, pomegranates, tomatoes, and fried Brussels sprouts
  • Goat belly with crab & lobster
  • Pork ribs with tomatillo puree and mushroom slaw
  • Chocolate cake with foie gras marshmallow, chocolate sorbet, and passion fruit puree
  • Apples with bleu cheese sorbet and toasted nuts
I walked out of there with a food high as I haven't had in a while. For me, the restaurant lived up to the hype, and I would definitely go again. AND, I tried a new animal - goat!

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