Sunday, August 14, 2011

Circus, circus

Dave got half off tickets through a work buddy to attend Cirque de Soleil, OVO, and he was really excited about them. Dave doesn't get excited about much, so I have learned to just go with it when he wants to do something. Generally, it turns out pretty awesome.

We got to the United Center and were surprised to find that the show is actually in one of the parking lots in a set-up circus tent, which makes sense because I have no idea how they'd pack the United Center for weeks on end. Inside the tent, the first thing we saw was a huge egg on stage:

The show was half random acts of awesomeness, half silly "plot." The acrobatics and tricks were my favorite part, whereas the plot was kind of annoying and non-sensical. But the bug costumes were awesome, the tricks were insanely cool, and the set was pretty neat as well.

Dave and my favorite acts were: (1) a high wire guy who performed really insane tricks standing on a slack rope, (2) five Asian ladies twirling and juggling large drums shaped like kiwis, and (3) grasshopper dudes that jumped on trampolines and climbed on walls.

It was a good show; not sure how badly I need to follow Cirque de Soleil in the future, but maybe I'll attend a future show with less silly plot elements and more crazy acrobatics.

I forgot to mention the other fun part of the day, which was lunch with some C7 people and my baby buddy, Eddie!

OK, so he doesn't look too thrilled right there, but I guarantee you he was all smiles earlier. We had a good meal at RAM Brewery in Rosemont, a break for the guys from ComicCon.

A fun day, although honestly, this weekend was really packed and somewhat exhausting. This is my last week at the Daley Center, then a relatively relaxing weekend before I start my new job at the appellate court. I will be doing a series of posts this week on what I learned at my clerkship, stay tuned!

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