Monday, August 15, 2011

Lesson 5: I love working in the Loop

This is my last week at my clerking job in the Circuit Court, so I figured I'd go through some lessons I learned at this job. I did this when I left my first job (see the posts at 7/31/2006 through 8/4/2006) - and wow, it's hard to believe I've been doing this blog for that long.

Anyway, here's the first in the countdown:

Lesson #5: I love working in Chicago's Loop!

This one is not exactly surprising, but I figured I'd start with an easy one.

I've worked in the Loop before, and I went to law school here, but working in a full-time, semi-permanent capacity is different. People all know where you're at, you're going to the same building every day, you're learning new places to eat for lunch - it's great!

The building I work in is also a very cool place to be - the Daley Center is at the heart of the Loop, a quick walk to everything, has a great view, and the plaza is always full of some activity, regardless of season. My farmers' market, food festivals, the Christkindlmarkt... It's all right downstairs, for me!

It's also incredibly easy to meet up with friends for lunch, and also to attend events at bar associations or other professional gatherings. And even stuff you didn't plan happens, like running into old friends or classmates on the street. I see someone pretty much every week.

I'm giving up my view of the roof of City Hall / the County Building to go over to the State of Illinois Building (a.k.a. the Bilandic Building), which doesn't have as nice a view. But it's only one block away from where I'm at now, so my commute, market, and meal habits won't be disrupted!

The last thing that I love about working in the Loop is really the most nebulous - it's the energy and pulse you feel when you're part of something so grand and vast. I had a friend once compare commuting to rushing around like an ant or cattle herd, and it's partially true. But the city is also beautiful and vibrant, especially at night. And the holiday decorations will bring a tear to your eye. I love walking around on the street, never knowing what I will see or what will happen.

It's the city of broad shoulders, beautiful Chicago.

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