Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer of weddings: part 1

There are two Smith family weddings this summer - Jen and Steve and Jer and Liz. The first one was today, Jen and Steve, in the southwest suburbs.

They've been together for six years, as long as Dave and I have been married, so it was nice to see these guys seal the deal with the State of Illinois.

It's the first wedding on my mom's side in years, so obviously we had to take some photos!

Here's the whole family, with the happy couple!

The venue was the Orland Chateau, which had some cool chandeliers, and cool AC, which was equally important on a hot day like this one!

Luckily Jen's wedding wasn't outdoors, or we all might have melted. We had a lot of fun dancing and talking, and it was a very happy family occasion indeed!

The other Smith wedding is in three weeks, and this time it's my cousin Jer and his bride, Liz. I'm doing a reading, which is fun, and my judge is performing the ceremony, which is even more fun! We have a lot more weddings this summer, so there are more fancy photos of me and Dave to come.

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