Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dish cloths for happy occasions

I've been busy with dish cloths lately, and not just Nintendo ones!

This is one with sage, white, and brown for my friend Jackie's bridal shower a few weeks ago.

I got the pattern from Splish Splash Dishcloths, a cute book I've got.

The next pattern was a tapestry crochet pattern I made on my own: "B" monogrammed dish cloths for Jen and Steve's wedding.

One guess what their wedding colors were, and what Jen's favorite color is! (And whether she took his last name.)

The last one was for a housewarming party for Andy and Jo, a cute set of variegated yarn dish cloths. The pattern is also from the Splish Splash book.

I slightly modified the pattern so that it looks like twisted cables. I thought it was cute!

We got to see how Andy and Jo decorated their house, and they did get all those awnings down! A ton of people came out to see it, too, and it was nice visiting people from the college group.

In fact, I got to hang with my favorite baby, Eddie! We had many laughs with Eddie's new tricks, and he's still small enough that I can hold him, but I'll miss these days when he gets older. I can only hold him for a bit now before my arms get tired. He did enjoy some swaying and waltzing, though! Someone thought he was mine, which was kind of funny. I'd take him.

So, I guess I'm done with dish cloths for a while; I'm working on some baby blankets for some showers in August, so those should be finished soon. I'm really excited about how they are turning out!

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