Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home repair Saturday

I know what you're thinking - that we were repairing our home - but no. We drove to Portage Park to help Andy and Jo prep their beautiful, quirky new bungalow for moving in this week!

Joanna had picked out a moss green for the big living room and a sea blue in the library. The house has a ton of rooms and actually three kitchens - multi-level residences for previous owners and tenants - so they're busy making the space into their own thing.

After a wonderful Mexican lunch, we walked to Portage Park proper to check out their new neighborhood.

While I was taking the photo of this squirrel, a guy walked by, stopped to look at me, and started making weird noises as if to scare the squirrel away during my photo. WTF?

After we got back to their house, we decided to do one more fix-it project before we left - taking down some of the god-awful awnings from the windows and doors.

We think these things have been there since the 1950s, which is approximately the last time they were cleaned. Removing them made the house look much nicer, but they didn't come off willingly.

That's Dave unscrewing the window awning while Jo holds it up on one side. Andy was climbing around on the windows like a wild thing, which was both amusing and terrifying to watch. Both large awnings came down, and we'll be back to remove more later. Home repair is what being an adult is all about.

Helping them with their home repair projects makes me want to finish up the ones we need to do for our place. I think we'll have tomorrow free, so maybe we can finish up our basement shelving project and put away some paperwork. But for tonight, I'm going to go crochet and watch "Lord of the Rings." Because that's also what being an adult is all about.

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