Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

This week is the Taste of Chicago, so depending on how you feel about that, you are either hiding in your office or home, or you're out paying a boat load of money to eat out with a boat load of people.

Dave and I are in the latter category.

Actually, we didn't spend all that much this year. We got three sets of tickets for the two of us, which is only $24 total.

On Dave's menu (all tasting portions): Polish sausage from Bobak Sausage Company, Cajun meat balls (he can't remember where), pierogi from Kasia's Deli, Rainbow Cone, and a chocolate chip cookie from Harry Caray's Restaurant. (That last one was to use up two of our last three tickets.)

On my menu was a chipotle chicken sausage from Bobak Sausage Company, falafel and hummus from Taste newcomer Alhambra Palace, and a full-size original Rainbow Cone. Unbelievably, I've lived in Chicago my whole life and never had one, so I went to this Taste specifically looking forward to it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Rainbow Cone is layers of ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House, pistachio, and orange sherbet) in a waffle cone. It was delicious. The Palmer House ice cream was a little weird; vanilla with walnuts and cherries. Hey, can't be bad.

We got the heck out of there and took the express train home, in time for me to finish grading the practice bar exam essays I've got waiting for me at home tonight. Speaking of those...

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