Monday, June 27, 2011

Boss Bass, a.k.a. Big Bertha

Get ready for this one, folks.

When I was a kid playing Mario Bros. 3 on original NES, we were introduced to an enemy that looked like a Cheep-Cheep, but could (and did, repeatedly) swallow us whole. This beastie is called Boss Bass, or alternately, Big Bertha.

Now he is here in dish cloth form, ready to eat the scraps of food left on your plates and dishes.

This is another tapestry crochet pattern I designed based on the pixels from the game. Here is the crochet chart below:

The cloth is 32 wide, so you begin by chaining 33 (or casting on 32, if you are knitting). You need red, white, and black, but you could also do the border in black or the background in blue.

Just a warning, despite the fact that the design is only three colors, you are carrying a lot of threads at any given time, sometimes as many as 11 or 12. (Maybe I was doing something wrong, but that's how many I had at some points.) In case you were wondering what that looks like:

Like I said, it isn't pretty, but I managed. It's an intense relief every time you are able to cut one loose.


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Heather R said...

I think if you tried a Tunisian crochet you would only have 3 strings running across at a given time, and could give you a more "pixel" look!!