Saturday, April 16, 2011

Woodfield hell

Today it was raining and cold, so we decided to take our walk indoors. I managed to convince Dave to go to Woodfield with me, which is about 1 mile around the lowest and highest floors. Booyah.

First, I should note that I had a blast volunteering at the Glass Slipper Project boutique this morning. I donated three bridesmaid dresses and some makeup supplies, and I came to help girls pick out dresses and accessories for their prom. They staggered groups going into the boutique, so I only got to help one girl before my shift was over. I got to see tons of girls go home with great prom ensembles, and it was a feel-good way to start the day.

Then came Woodfield. We found a miracle parking spot and ran through the rain into Sears, then walked a few rounds of the top floor before doing some shopping. (Yes, I actually had shopping to do.)

I noticed some really weird things at Woodfield, since this is my first visit in years (and, at 5 loops around, the most time I have ever spent there).

The Swarovski crystal store, for instance, had this epic American eagle statue going on. Wacky. I think there are a few levels of people who like to wear / decorate with American eagle stuff, but this statue must be reserved for the highest level of obsessors.

There was also a store that had a real person dressed in the window as a "mannequin." I pointed her out to Dave, who was very freaked out indeed. I didn't have the heart to take a picture of the poor girl.

We also noticed a wedding party taking photos. In the mall. WTF? You can see them in the photo at right; the bride was a pregnant Asian in a fur coat. I dunno what's going on there, but I have a feeling it has something to do with "Jersey Shore." (I did also see numerous Snooki look-alikes.)

In the end, I did buy a dress on sale, and also got a couple of suits on deep discount. None of my suits fit anymore since I lost weight, so I figured it was time.

We were supposed to walk 17 miles today, but all in all I don't think we topped 10, even with all my walking at the Glass Slipper boutique in the morning. We were just so exhausted and miserable after walking around Woodfield for so long, and the weather is so nasty. I hope we are able to make up the difference tomorrow.

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