Thursday, April 14, 2011

Springtime at the new place

Well, spring is springing in Chicagoland. The tulips are in bloom downtown, and some surprises have come out of the ground at our new home. Apparently there were already some bulbs in the ground, which are springing some lovely white and purple flowers.

We had some other surprise guests this morning - two ducks waddled straight up our concrete path next to the garage. (Sorry about the murky photo; I took this from my kitchen, which has a screened window.)

I don't have any bread at the moment - I just finished off a loaf of homemade butternut squash bread - but I did have some Quaker oats that I tossed out onto the path. At first, one of the ducks was afraid and waddled away, but when I tossed the oats and closed the door, he came right over and started gobbling them up.

I just hope there isn't a pile of duck droppings on our path to repay us later!

I had already been thinking about getting a bird feeder, but my enjoyment of the ducks this morning pretty much confirms that I need to get a little feeder for the back yard. (Not that that would help the ducks, but I'd get other fun birds.)

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