Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cut a rug

It's been a while since I've posted a bunny photo, so I figure today is a good day to kill two birds with one stone and post about the bunny AND my new hallway rug.

Exciting, huh?

We have been using a carpet remnant by our staircases so that the bunny can hop onto it and avoid the slippery hardwood floor. As you can guess, the carpet remnant is jagged, ugly, and kind of stupid-looking - not to mention it slides all around when bunny jumps from it - so we used an IKEA gift card to go pick up a beautiful new hallway rug. (Thanks, Deb!)

As you can see, the bunny appears to be enjoying it, with his big dinosaur paws sticking out like a sphinx. The new rug is retro, stripey, and awesome. I love it.

We're mostly moved in now except for a few boxes, shoes, and craft supplies scattered throughout the house. My goal for this weekend and this week is to sort through that and get it a little more organized. I specifically need a necklace tree, shelves in the basement, a pegboard in the basement, bicycle hooks in the garage, and a few other things.

Yay for unpacking the last boxes!

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