Friday, April 01, 2011

Reflections on 29

Today is my 29th birthday, so I figured I should post some updates on how I'm progressing with my 30 before 30 "to do" list. So here's the list, with the ones I've completed crossed out. (I left out the hyperlinks, in some items, but they are still available in the original post.) Hooray!

1. Learn from my mom how to sew quilts.

2. Give $100 to the drum bum.

3. Go to a concert, either Decemberists or Fleet Foxes.

4. Take my first trip to New York City.

5. Get back to my Salzburg weight (about 5-10 more pounds).

6. Do another 5K, but this time run the whole thing.

7. Get a raise.

8. Decorate our living room in fabulous mod pieces a la "Mad Men."

9. Do another painting.

10. Get rid of half-finished craft projects I've totally lost interest in.

11. Eat at every top-five burger restaurant in Chicago on this list.

12. Buy Rosetta Stone for German and brush up on mein Deutsch.

13. Donate blood.

14. Buy an original piece of artwork.

15. Write letters to my immediate family telling them why I love them.

16. Learn how to pop a champagne cork.

17. Paint at least one room of my new home a fabulous, strong color.

18. Get scuba-certified.

19. Cook a boeuf bourguignon, Julia Child-style.

20. Donate my hair again.

21. Give away at least one bridesmaid dress to The Glass Slipper Project.

22. Train for, raise $1,800, and complete the Avon 2-Day Walk (already signed up).

23. Brew my own mead and beer.

24. Buy my first full-size Christmas tree.

25. Watch "Halloween," "Friday the 13th," and "Nightmare on Elm Street" for the first time.

26. Pare my Goodreads "to read" book list down to below 70 (currently at 99).

27. Execute powers of attorney for property and health care.

28. Get my resume website up and running.

29. Get acupuncture.

30. Eat a type of animal I've never had before (ostrich, alligator, etc.).

So, a little commentary on the ones I've completed. For #8, we bought a fabulous mod couch set for the living room and got my Grandma's 1960s dining room set, which completes my "Mad Men" first floor (except we need to put up artwork). For #14, Dave and I bought some really cool original paintings at the Leigh Gallery, my favorite gallery in Chicago. I did #15 at Christmas. We did #17 right when we moved in - computer room is vivid blue, library is moss green.

For #21, I did give three dresses to the Glass Slipper Project, as well as some jewelry. I got other friends to donate, as well. I modified #28 a little and realized that, for what I want to do in life, I am not going to need a formal resume website, so I let go and just updated my LinkedIn profile instead. And #30 was fun - I had antelope, eel, and squid. I would also like to try ostrich. I figure the rest of the completed ones are pretty obvious to explain.

For the ones I haven't completed, I have several of them in progress. I have eaten at 3 of the 5 restaurants listed in #11, I am growing my hair out for #20, and I've been training & fundraising hard for the Avon Walk, #22. I am down to about 90 for my Goodreads list (#26), and I've written out powers of attorney, we just need to execute them.

All in all, not too shabby. I have some plans for scuba, as well as the NYC trip and the 5k. Dave is allegedly going to give blood in April, so I might just tag along with him to knock that one out of the way. My sister volunteered to watch the scary movies with me, which I will definitely need because I'm sure I will freak out. My mom also said she'd help me make a baby quilt for some of my friends, who all seem to have gotten pregnant on or around the new year.

And with acupuncture, I feel like I need to find some ailment with myself so that the acupuncture people don't think I'm crazy. Do people just go and get acupuncture for the hell of it?

Anyway, I'll keep updating, and if you feel like it, help me with #22, would you?

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