Sunday, March 27, 2011

My 6-mile fail-hike

This weekend marks the beginning of the huge hikes we'll be taking in April and May in preparation for the Avon Walk. Yesterday was 12 miles, which we did around our neighborhood. 6 miles from the house to the condo and back, two miles to Durty Nellies and back, two miles to the library to return a DVD and back, and then two miles at the indoor track. We were walking for 4 hours!

Today I had something a little more scenic in mind, so I went back to the Deer Grove Forest Preserve, which I walked a few times last year.

As you can see, it's still leaf-less and dreary, but it was still nice to be out in the oak trees.

I made a wrong turn into a savannah when I was trying to find the black trail off of the yellow trail; it added a bit to the walk, but it was open and kind of pretty.

When I finally found the black trail, I was able to walk it for the first time because it was only partially wet. Last year, I was never able to walk it because once you get into spring, it basically turns into a mud pit. Still, even in its quasi-muddy state, the trail sucked.

When I finally got back to the yellow trail again, I found some deer as the trail turned toward Quentin Road.

I would see a total of seven by the time I found my car again! Here's another one:

Immediately after I saw this guy, the trail turned further toward Quentin Road and more trail troubles began. According to the map in my book (as well as the maps on the trail), the yellow trail should approach Quentin Road and then turn away. According to the writer, you should cross Quentin Road, then turn back into the forest preserve again.

This didn't make any sense to me, and I couldn't find the place where the yellow trail was supposed to go. Instead, I doubled back and walked the forest preserve road back to my car. I was pretty pissed, and I'd like to take Dave back so I have another person to consult with.

At least I saw another deer on the way back!

After I got back to the car, I was pretty bummed out about screwing up another hike, as well as dropping Dave off at the airport today for yet another week away. So I did some retail therapy at Pier One and Bed Bath & Beyond. (None of it full sticker, of course...) I got some cobalt blue stemless wine glasses on clearance, a really cool blue and gold sparkly platter for 20% off, and a chef's knife, which I decided to try out.

Here's to not failing next time!

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