Monday, March 14, 2011

New kitchen happiness

We finally finished with the kitchen a few weeks ago, and I keep forgetting to post a picture of my new work space.

Here's a nice photo of my IKEA work table, which includes some shelves, space for some stools, and a wooden top. Dave can now hang out with me while I cook or bake! It's also been a nice place for guests to sit and chat with me while I finish up lunch or dinner.

You can see we also installed an IKEA pot rack, which includes shelf space above and plenty of space for hanging below. I have always enjoyed how pot racks look, I just never liked them hanging in the middle of the room. This one is perfect.

We also got a cream faux-leather couch on sale from Value City a few weeks ago, so the den is finally coming together, too. Only four months since the move and we're finally settling in!

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