Sunday, March 20, 2011

Final Fantasy crochet trifecta

Some of my readers may know that I have a passion for crochet. I also greatly enjoy Final Fantasy video games. A friend of mine had a baby last year, and he asked me to combine two great things: crochet and Final Fantasy.

Now, you might not think these two things go together, but there are actually quite a few Final Fantasy crochet patterns out there. Eric bought these, and I made them. As you see at right, there is a Moogle - a funny little character from the Final Fantasy series that basically hops around and generally acts like a marshmallow. He has a little antenna and purple wings.

I've only played FF 7, and Moogles did not figure very significantly in that game, but I understand they are a bigger part of others in the series.

Second on my list was Tonberry, an evil little bad guy who kills you as soon as look at you. He looks like a harmless little turtle in a hoodie, but oh no.

When I played FF 7, I laughed at the Tonberry, then he killed me. I began swearing loudly, Dave came into the room and I said a turtle attacked me with a lantern. He knew what had happened.

I think Tonberry is my favorite of the bunch. And I think Dave wants one.

Last was the Chocobo, and I'm glad I saved him for last, because he was a bit challenging. Lots of feathers, lots of appendages.

A Chocobo is a little bird that you can ride around or race in FF games. They don't look as spastic as the one at left, but hey, that's what the pattern called for.

So these will all be packaged up this week and mailed to Indiana, where my friend will keep them far, far away from his baby until the kid turns 16. I enjoyed making them, as they were a bit of a challenge, even for a seasoned old crocheter like me.


Sara Sherman said...

Very cute Valerie. Ahhhh, the student has surpassed the teacher!! Actually, you passed me up a long time ago. I crochet afghans, that don't have to "fit", or really look like something. Glad you were up for the challenge. Your friend is awfully lucky.

ButtonMad said...

very cool crochet ;-)