Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolate & champagne tour!

Well, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a chocolate tour (we've been doing them for the past two years). This year we did an extra-special chocolate and champagne tour, special for V-day, and I have to say, it was extra-decadent.

We started with a chocolate champagne truffle from Teuscher, which is always very delicious. These are high-quality Swiss truffles with real butter and cream. We bought a half-dozen truffles, which my valentine left in the parking garage downtown, so we'll see if we get to actually eat those. But I'm not mad. Oh well.

Next was truffles from Beijo de Chocolat, including a chocolate champagne truffle (are we sensing a trend here?) and a chocolate almond saltine. Both were very good and were served with a glass of champagne in a Gold Coast clothing store.

We then headed over to Sarah's Pastries and Candies, which I remembered from our first chocolate tour. Honestly, last time was OK, but this time really blew me away. We had a dark chocolate delight (kind of a chocolate-covered crunch cluster), a chocolate champagne truffle, hot chocolate, and (my favorite thing on the entire tour), a chocolate and peanut butter bar. It tasted like a very, very high end 5th Avenue or Butterfinger. So good.

Second to last was More, a cupcake place we also remembered from our first tour. We each had a mini chocolate champagne cupcake and got to take away a whole chocolate champagne cupcake each. Wow. And the store was totally cleaned out for Valentine's Day, which is always a good thing.

Last but not least was champagne and a red velvet cupcake (made by a chocolate tour guide) at the Drake Hotel. The cupcake was Dave's favorite thing on the tour, and I have to say it was very good indeed. Chicago Chocolate Tours founder Valerie Beck was on hand to field questions about our tour and even announced that she's planning on launching cupcake tours very soon!

All in all, a very decadent day, and a sweet present to each other.

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