Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Avon training begins

As my blog readers will know, Dave and I signed up for the Avon 2-day walk in June. The preparation for this walk is two-fold. Number one, we must each raise $1,800.00. Number two, we must train physically, as the walk is 39.3 miles - a marathon and a half.

I'll be bugging people repeatedly as to the first item (and if you want to donate any amount, please click here), but today's post is chiefly about the second. Dave and I decided to do the 16-week training program so that we wouldn't be trying to train during blizzards or zero-below chills. So training began this week, and even though it is the lightest week, we're still walking the equivalent of more than four 5k races.

Last night was our first 3 mile walk, which we chose to complete at the Palatine community center track. There were things to watch, such as little kids playing basketball intramurals, and I could definitely see us returning there during inclement weather. I didn't choose the best shoes, so next time it's my regular old white gym shoes.

I can feel how out of shape I am. My hips are aching from the walk last night, and when I think about it, I'm not surprised - I haven't regularly worked out in over a month. I think this training program will be a really good way to get me back into shape for summer, and maybe to help lose those pesky remaining pounds that I haven't been motivated enough to eliminate.

When it's a little nicer out, our plan is to use my Chicago hiking guide to pick out long routes for the weekend endurance walks. Anyone who wants to come with us is welcome; we're going to be doing the Chicago lake front for our 22-miler, so that should be a pretty long day!

We also attended our first Avon walker meeting last night in Arlington Heights. We met in a running & fitness store, which gives 15% discounts to Avon walkers, so I'll have to come back for some serious walking shoes. It was really inspiring to meet some women who have been doing the walk for years, in one case 10 years, so it makes the fundraising goal seem more reachable.

For now, I'm just going to train and start getting the word out about our walk plans. 108 days left until the walk!

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