Saturday, January 15, 2011

Visit to hospital

Late this morning, Dave, my mom, and I went down to visit Grandma in the hospital. When we got there, her eyes were open, but they seemed to be staring off into space. At that moment, she didn't look like herself whatsoever, and my heart sank.

When we came in, my mom spoke to her, and she looked down at my mom with what I thought was a look of recognition. My mom told her that Dave and I were there, and sure enough, she turned her head to look at us, and when she looked at me, she looked much more like herself. (Later, when Uncle Ed did the same thing, she looked at me and I saw a smile around the corner of her eyes.) You can tell she's very foggy, and her speech is completely unintelligible, but she does seem to look at you and try to say things.

So, in a way, she was more "with it" than I expected; I worried that she'd just be staring forward with no responsiveness whatsoever. She looked at you, seemed to try to talk, and I even heard one half-chuckle out of her. I believe she's still in there and semi-conscious, but you can tell she's had a lot of brain damage in the stroke. They're moving her to a nursing home today and the expectation is that they'll make her comfortable and she will likely not recover. I'm glad she saw I was there, and I hope she knows we want the best for her.

It's been an emotional day, and now I'm going to drink some wine and roast some squash seeds. Sigh.

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