Friday, January 14, 2011

Update on Grandma

I haven't updated in a few days, although there hasn't been much to update about, but in the last day or so, some things have been happening with Grandma.

First, Grandma started opening her eyes, I think it was the day before yesterday. My parents saw her and my mom said she didn't think there was much mental presence at all. At that point, I just wished Grandma would either wake up or pass on - none of us want our good-hearted grandmother lying as a vegetable for years, and obviously Uncle Ed and Dad will not let that happen.

Then, this morning, Mom told me that Grandma spoke last night. How it happened was this: the nurse came in to check her vitals last night, asked "How are we doing?" and Grandma replied clearly, "Fine."


So let's summarize: my 95-year-old grandma had a stroke over the weekend, lays on the floor without medical attention for somewhere between 12 and 24 hours, lays comatose in the hospital for a week, then wakes up and says she's fine. Any doubts I had about how awesome and fundamentally hardy my grandma is have hereby been erased.

At any rate, it may or may not mean anything, because it might have been an automatic response, and I don't know if she's said anything else, but it's more hope than I had before.

I still hope she is either able to fully come out of it or to go to sleep and peacefully pass away, so I'll keep hoping that one of those two things happens. In the meantime, I'm definitely visiting tomorrow morning, so I'll post an update then. Please keep my grandma in your thoughts.

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