Sunday, December 26, 2010

A very Smith Christmas

This year my parents hosted the family Christmas party, which was totally awesome as usual. I just wanted to post some photos that I really enjoyed.

My mom asked me to make chocolate-covered fruit, so I made macaroons and covered them in chocolate, and also dipped some strawberries and marshmallows. The platters looked really awesome!

Almost all the Smith grandkids were there, so we got one of the first all-grandkid pictures in recent years. (I had one with Grandma in it, but a few of the cousins were looking the wrong way.)

We had a lot of fun, and everyone got to meet the bunny, who was hanging out in the basement.

Also, it was a white Christmas indeed, as it snowed almost all day on Christmas eve. My parents' house has a forest in the back yard, and the deck was pretty much untouched, so it made for some pretty nice views.

As always, our relatives were very generous with the gifts, and we got lots of awesome books, CDs, candy, and other things. I got several amazing cookbooks, including Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and two Ina Garten cookbooks. We also got tons of beautiful new sheets for our beautiful new bed!

The bunny was happy to come home, although we did spend much of this evening taping the second bedroom to get it ready for a coat of lovely green paint! But the room will be usable soon, and he can lay all over our books like he used to.

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